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The Craft of Prolog ebook

The Craft of Prolog by Richard O'Keefe

The Craft of Prolog

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The Craft of Prolog Richard O'Keefe ebook
Format: djvu
Publisher: MIT
ISBN: 0262150395, 9780262150392
Page: 412

For a more programmer-oriented book on Prolog, I highly recommend Richard A. Prolog is different, but not that different. One of the crucial 'values' of the book is that "Elegance in Not Optional". The Craft of Prolog (Logic Programming) book download Richard A. O'Keefe's The Craft of Prolog, of course I kept comparisons to Tcl in mind. Hacking your program is no substitute for understanding your problem. Richard Suchenwirth 2000-12-04 -- Job requirements have reawakened my interest in Prolog, while I still love, and work with, Tcl. O'Keefe's “The Craft of Prolog”. He doesn't focus on the academic approach, but beautifully shows how to write clear, efficient, elegant code in Prolog. I have an old book (1994) on Prolog called The Craft of Prolog written by Richard A. The Craft of Prolog (Logic Programming),Editorial: The MIT Press, Authors:Richard O'Keefe.

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